"I'm a Personal Assistant for a high powered entertainment industry professional. We have won 11 Emmy's with our audience sweetening aka Laugh Tracks. However our home/office was no laughing matter. It was a mess when I started. Taxes hadn't been paid for years, invoices hadn't been sent out, bills were mounting up!  Tamara came to the rescue with her usual ease and grace. She put systems in place to serve all of my needs.  We are now getting paid on time. I was able to put my hands on all information for this years taxes in 10 minutes.  Thanks to Tamara I found over one hundred thousand dollars in unpaid invoices! Now it's a much happier place to work!  

I highly recommend the Zook It! method to anyone who wants to increase their productivity, make more money and have more free time to enjoy life!"
Lisa J.
Personal Assistant

"People can spend years sitting on couches in therapists office wondering why they can't accomplish everything they want to. In only two days of work over a two week period, with Tamara's assistance, I managed to handle tasks that had built up for over a year as well as meet my current deadlines."
Peitor Angell
Frixion Records

"Working with Tamara was one of the best investments I ever made. I was embarrassed by how cluttered and disorganized my space had become. Tamara held my hand till every piece of paper, file, shelf, and e-mail was dispensed with - and she made me laugh the whole time! I feel 2 pounds lighter and 100 times more productive. I actually enjoy being in my office now!"
Heidi Wall
President, Flash Forward Institute

"Tamara helped me take care of the backlog and initiate systems to handle the piles before they started again. She completely takes the mystery out of organizing!"
Cat Williford, MCC, CPCC
Winning Ways

"Tamara Zook may be one of the most important reasons why Florence International Theatre Company succeeds in our first year. Within only one session she gave us systems of organization and communication which have allowed us to build our business on solid ground and to move forward quickly and confidently. We can't be grateful enough for her expertise and mastery of this subject and for sharing it with us at this formative stage of our business. Thank you Tamara."
Aaron Craig & Bari Hochwald
co-Artistic Directors
Florence International Theatre Company

"Impossible! 'I said, as Tamara sat me down, made me take a deep breath and reassured me that organizing could be fun and painless too. She was right! Thank you Tamara! You are a Master at what you do!"
Robyn Rice
Teacher and Conflict Resolution Facilitator

"I am so appreciative of Tamara for bringing order to the chaos of my life...."

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